Eliminating Caffeine

Everyone who knows me will know I love coffee. However, since I cut out caffeine for 6 weeks I noticed that I had become a lot less anxious, slept better and a lot more productive.

Now I am back at University and I used to drink coffee to keep me a). awake and b). because I thought I would be more productive to get things done in the evenings. However, boy was I wrong. Since being back at university and drinking decaf coffee (basically can’t tell the difference!) I have felt a lot happier.

Yes I might have 101 things to do and deadlines to meet, but I am more rational and I can reason what to do and I’ve got a schedule so I’m not working until 11pm at night and then stressing I haven’t finished.

For me, I don’t miss caffeine. I don’t crave it, I don’t want it. I just love coffee for its taste, not the kick from caffeine. So, I am happy to stick to my decaf coffee and every now and again have caffeinated. I also feel caffeinated coffee sometimes doesn’t agree with my stomach and made me feel quite ill on a lot of occassions.

I feel like now I have so much more energy to actually do the stuff I want to do and not have another voice in my head guilt tripping me. I feel at this moment in time, I have the right social and work balance – I am ahead with my dissertation, I am nearly up to date with all my uni notes and well, I am just happy.

Zoe Louise


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